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CometChat is a platform for integrating voice, video & text messaging experiences into your websites, web apps and mobile apps. We provide SDKs, APIs and UIs to enable you to quickly build a full-fledged chat solution.


Improvements in V3.0

Faster connection & response times
Higher rate limits
Supports up to 100K users in a group
Unlimited groups
Support for Transient Messages
Real-time user & group members count
Support for 1M concurrent users
And more!

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Getting around

To make it easier for you, here is the optimum way to traverse our documentation:

1. Key Concepts

It's good to start with the Key Concepts guide to get an overflow understanding of CometChat.

2. Select the Platform

CometChat supports multiple platforms; so begin by deciding which platform you want to add CometChat to!

3. View the Quick Start guide

Begin by viewing the Quick Start guide for that platform. This guide will help you get your feet wet by quickly allowing you to build a proof of concept. Typically, this should take less than 15 minutes.

4. Deep Dive

Once you've mastered the Quick Start guide, check the other guides to customize CometChat further.

5. Move on to other platforms

It's never enough to add CometChat to just a single platform. Once you've added chat to one, explore other platforms. It will be much easier this time around, as you've already done a similar implementation once!

What’s Next

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