Update a Group

Learn how to update group details.

Update Group

In other words, as a group owner, how can I update the group details?

You can update the existing details of the group using the updateGroup() method.

private String GUID = "GUID";
private String groupName = "Hello Group!";
private String groupType = CometChatConstants.GROUP_TYPE_PUBLIC;
private String password = "";
Group group = new Group(GUID, groupName, groupType, password);

CometChat.updateGroup(group,  new CometChat.CallbackListener<Group>() {
  public void onSuccess(Group group) {
    Log.d(TAG, "Groups details updated successfully: " + group.toString());
  public void onError(CometChatException e) {
    Log.d(TAG, "Group details update failed with exception: " + e.getMessage());
val GUID:String="GUID"
val groupName:String="Hello Group!"
val groupType:String = CometChatConstants.GROUP_TYPE_PUBLIC
val password:String=""

val group=Group(GUID,groupName,groupType,password)

   CometChat.updateGroup(group,object :CometChat.CallbackListener<Group>(){
     override fun onSuccess(p0: Group?) {
       Log.d(TAG, "Groups details updated successfully: " + p0?.toString())
     override fun onError(p0: CometChatException?) {
       Log.d(TAG, "Group details update failed with exception: " + p0?.message)

This method takes an instance of the Group class as a parameter which should contain the data that you wish to update.




an instance of class Group

After the successful update of the group, you will receive an instance of Group class containing updated information of the group.

For more information on the Group class, please check here

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