Import UI Kit Library

We hope you followed the instructions mentioned above and added necessary dependencies inside your app.

To integrate CometChat UI-KIT inside your app. Kindly follow the below steps:

  1. Simply clone the UI-KIT Library from the android-chat-ui-kit repository.

  2. Import Ui Kit Module from Module Settings.

  • Right-click on an app and go to Open Module Settings.
  • Click on + and select Import Gradle Project from Create New Module Window and click Next.
  • After that developer has to enter the path of uikit which he/she has downloaded and click on Finish.
  • After following these steps uikit is successfully added in the project. Now to integrate the uikit in project you can copy and paste the following in (app level) build.gradle
implementation project(path: ':uikit')
  1. If the Library is added successfully, it will look like mentioned in the below image.

After successfully integrating UI Kit library, You can follow UI Unified, UI Screens & UI Components

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