Push Notifications

Learn how to send Token-based Push notifications for messages

The Push Notifications extension allows you to send push notifications to mobile apps and desktop browsers using tokens instead of topics.

Push notifications will work in iOS and Android apps as well as desktop browsers that support Push API. These browsers include:

  1. Chrome 50+
  2. Firefox 44+
  3. Edge 17+
  4. Opera 42+


Ease of implementation

  1. No need to register to different topics based on the platform during user login.
  2. No need to unregister from topics on user logout.
  3. Users immediately start getting notifications for messages when they are added to a group. Likewise, they stop getting notifications for messages when they are removed from one.
  4. As a developer, you only register the FCM Token during login and the extension handles the rest.

Toggle Notifications

Select the triggers for sending Push Notifications. These triggers can be classified into 3 main categories:

  1. Message Notifications
  2. Call Notifications
  3. Group Notifications

These are pretty self-explanatory and you can toggle them as per your requirement.

Migration Guide

  1. If you are already using the Topic-based Push Notifications, you can check out our Two-step migration guide.
  2. If you are new and want to implement Token-based Push Notifications in your CometChat Pro app, follow our platform-specific guides:

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