In-flight Message Moderation

Learn how to moderate messages manually.

In-flight message Moderation extension allows you to moderate messages manually.


  1. Login to the CometChat Dashboard and select your app.
  2. On the Extensions page add the In-flight moderation extension.
  3. Go to the Installed tab and open the Settings for this extension.
  4. You can specify the Moderation Criteria here:
    a. Moderate All the messages.
    b. Moderate only One-on-one messages.
    c. Moderate only Group Conversations.
    d. Moderate messages sent by certain users (comma separated uids)
    e. Moderate messages sent to certain users (comma separated uids)
    f. Moderate messages sent to certain groups (comma separated guids)

How does it work?

Once you have done the required settings for the Extension, you can navigate to the In-flight Message Moderation section of the Dashboard.

You will be presented with the following page:

Here, all the messages that match the moderation criteria will get listed from oldest to newest.
You can perfrom the following actions for a particular message:

  1. Approve: The message gets sent to the Receiver and disappears from the list.
  2. Reject: The message gets deleted and does not reach the intended receiver.
  3. Kick: Available for Group conversations. If a user is spamming or is annoying, they can be simply be kicked out of the Group.
  4. Ban: Available for Group conversations. If a user is banned, they won't be able to perform any actions in the group until they are unbanned.

Apart from the above actions, you can also quickly access the Settings for the Extension.
You can toggle Auto-refresh Messages and also toggle the Switch to Enable/Disable the Moderation.


If you disable the Extension, only the new messages will flow without being routed through the In-flight Message Moderation Section. However, the existing messages that you see in the section will have to be Approved in order to be received by the intended recipient.

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