Link Preview

Learn how you can show a preview of the web page for links.

The Link Preview extension will help you show a preview of the web page for every link in your message.

While this extension gives you all the details required for generating a preview, our Rich Media Preview gives you a decorated iframe with the styling.


  1. Login to the CometChat Dashboard
  2. On the Extensions page simply add the Link Preview extension.

How does it work?

We provide you a few details about the URL that is in your message. The details are as follows:

  1. Description
  2. Favicon
  3. Image
  4. Title
  5. URL.

Say, for example, a user shares a Facebook link in their message, then our extension will query the link for the details that you need to build a preview.

These details are provided as part of metadata as shown in the example below:

"@injected": {
  "extensions": {
    "link-preview": {
      "links": [
          "description": "Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.",
          "favicon": "",
          "image": "",
          "title": "Facebook - Log In or Sign Up",
          "url": ""

If the data is missing, it means that the extension has timed out.


Using the Link Preview extension, you can build a preview box similar to the one you've seen in Slack.

Use CometChat's Link Preview Extension to build a preview box.Use CometChat's Link Preview Extension to build a preview box.

Use CometChat's Link Preview Extension to build a preview box.

You can fetch the details for the Link Preview using getMetadata() method.

var metadata = message.getMetadata();
if (metadata != null) {
  var injectedObject = metadata["@injected"];
  if (injectedObject != null && injectedObject.hasOwnProperty("extensions")) {
    var extensionsObject = injectedObject["extensions"];
    if (
      extensionsObject != null &&
    ) {
      var linkPreviewObject = extensionsObject["link-preview"];
      var links = linkPreviewObject["links"];
      var description = links[0]["description"];
      var favicon = links[0]["favicon"];
      var image = links[0]["image"];
      var title = links[0]["title"];
      var url = links[0]["url"];
JSONObject metadata = message.getMetadata();
        if (metadata != null) {
        JSONObject injectedObject = metadata.getJSONObject("@injected");
        if (injectedObject != null && injectedObject.has("extensions")) {
        JSONObject extensionsObject = injectedObject.getJSONObject("extensions");
        if (extensionsObject != null && extensionsObject.has("link-preview")){
         JSONObject linkObject = extensionsObject.getJSONObject("link-preview");
         JSONArray linkArray= linkObject.getJSONArray("links");
         JSONObject linkPreviewObject=linkArray.getJSONObject(0);
          if (linkPreviewObject.has("description"))
         String description = linkPreviewObject.getString("description");
          if (linkPreviewObject.has("favicon"))
         String favicon = linkPreviewObject.getString("favicon");
          if (linkPreviewObject.has("image"))
         String image = linkPreviewObject.getString("image");
          if (linkPreviewObject.has("title"))
         String title = linkPreviewObject.getString("title");
          if (linkPreviewObject.has("url"))
         String url = linkPreviewObject.getString("url");

if (metadata != null) {
   if (metadata.has("@injected")) {
   val injectedJSONObject = metadata.getJSONObject("@injected")
   if (injectedJSONObject != null && injectedJSONObject.has("extensions")) {
   val extensionsObject = injectedJSONObject.getJSONObject("extensions")
   if (extensionsObject.has("link-preview")) {

       val linkObject = extensionsObject.getJSONObject("link-preview")
       val linksArray = linkObject.getJSONArray("links")
       val linkPreviewObject = linksArray.getJSONObject(0)

       if (linkPreviewObject.has("description")) 
          val description = linkPreviewObject.getString("description")
       if (linkPreviewObject.has("favicon")) 
           val favicon = linkPreviewObject.getString("favicon")
       if (linkPreviewObject.has("image")) 
           val image= linkPreviewObject.getString("image")
       if (linkPreviewObject.has("title")) 
           val title= linkPreviewObject.getString("title")
       if (linkPreviewObject.has("url"))
           val url=  linkPreviewObject.getString("url")                      
let textMessage = message as? TextMessage

if let metaData = textMessage.metaData , let injected = metaData["@injected"] as? [String : Any], let cometChatExtension =  injected["extensions"] as? [String : Any], let linkPreviewDictionary = cometChatExtension["link-preview"] as? [String : Any], let linkArray = linkPreviewDictionary["links"] as? [[String: Any]] {

      guard let linkPreview = linkArray[safe: 0] else {

      if let linkTitle = linkPreview["title"] as? String {

      if let description = linkPreview["description"] as? String {

      if let thumbnail = linkPreview["image"] as? String {

      if let linkURL = linkPreview["url"] as? String {

      if let favIcon = linkPreview["favicon"] as? String {


Links that take more than a second to resolve will be automatically skipped to keep in-flight transit time to a minimum.

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