Profanity Filter

Learn how to mask or hide profanity in messages.

The Profanity Filter Extension helps you to mask or hide profanity in a message. We check for words from a blacklist (which you can customize) and then mask them.


  1. Login to the CometChat Dashboard and select your app.
  2. On the Extensions page simply add the Profanity Filter extension.
  3. On the Installed page you can go to Settings and choose to Drop messages with Profanity.
  4. Also, you can provide the comma separated list of words that you would like to filter.

Support for filtering emojis

Apart from words, we have also added support for filtering Profane emojis along with words.
The only thing that you need to keep in mind is, certain emojis have skin tones or other variations associated with them.

As part of the comma separated values, all the variations need to be covered.

For eg: In case of finger pointing left, you need to add: 👈🏿,👈🏾,👈🏽,👈🏼,👈🏻,👈.
Please note that the yellow variant has to be entered at the end of the list.

Refer for details.

How does it work?

The recipients will receive the normal message in the text field of the message object. Also, there will be a clean/filtered version of the message in the metadata section as shown below:

"@injected": {
  "extensions": {
    "profanity-filter": {
      "profanity": "yes",
      "message_clean": "This is ****"

If the data is missing, it means that the extension has timed out.


By checking if profanity is set to yes, you can also consider showing a warning before reading the message or dropping the message altogether.

At the recipients' end, from the message object, you can fetch the metadata by calling the getMetadata() method. Using this metadata, you can fetch the masked message.

var metadata = message.getMetadata();
if (metadata != null) {
  var injectedObject = metadata["@injected"];
  if (injectedObject != null && injectedObject.hasOwnProperty("extensions")) {
    var extensionsObject = injectedObject["extensions"];
    if (
      extensionsObject != null &&
    ) {
      var profanityFilterObject = extensionsObject["profanity-filter"];
      var profanity = profanityFilterObject["profanity"];
      var cleanMessage = profanityFilterObject["message_clean"];
JSONObject metadata = message.getMetadata();
if (metadata != null) {
  JSONObject injectedObject = metadata.getJSONObject("@injected");
  if (injectedObject != null && injectedObject.has("extensions")) {
    JSONObject extensionsObject = injectedObject.getJSONObject("extensions");
    if (extensionsObject != null && extensionsObject.has("profanity-filter"))
          JSONObject profanityFilterObject = extensionsObject.getJSONObject("profanity-filter");
          String profanity = profanityFilterObject.getString("profanity");
          String cleanMessage = profanityFilterObject.getString("message_clean");

if (metadata != null) {
  if (metadata.has("@injected")) {
   val injectedJSONObject = metadata.getJSONObject("@injected")
   if (injectedJSONObject != null && injectedJSONObject.has("extensions")) {
   val extensionsObject = injectedJSONObject.getJSONObject("extensions")

   if (extensionsObject != null && extensionsObject.has("profanity-filter")) {
   val profanityFilterObject = extensionsObject.getJSONObject("profanity-filter")
   val dataObject = profanityFilterObject.getJSONObject("data")
      if (dataObject.has("profanity"))
         val profanity = dataObject.getString("profanity")
      if (dataObject.has("message_clean"))
        val message_clean= dataObject.getString("message_clean"))
let textMessage = message as? TextMessage
var metadata : [String : Any]? = textMessage.metaData
if metadata != nil {

    var injectedObject : [String : Any]? = (metadata?["@injected"] as? [String : Any])!
    if injectedObject != nil && (injectedObject!["extensions"] != nil){

      var extensionsObject : [String : Any]? = injectedObject?["extensions"] as? [String : Any]

      if extensionsObject != nil && extensionsObject?["profanity-filter"] != nil             {
        var profanityFilterObject = extensionsObject?["profanity-filter"] as! [String :  Any]

        let profanity = profanityFilterObject["profanity"] as! String
        let cleanMessage = profanityFilterObject["language_translated"] as! String

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