Connection Status

Helps you to know the connection status of CometChat

CometChat SDK provides you with a mechanism to get real-time status of the connection to CometChat web-socket servers. This can be achieved by registering for the events using the CometChatConnectionDelegate class.

Connection Status provides you with the below 3 methods to get the status of the connection to CometChat web-socket servers:

Delegate Method



This method is triggered when CometChat SDK is trying to establish a connection to the web-socket server.


This method is called when CometChat SDK has successfully established a connection and now is connected.


This method is called when the CometChat SDK gets disconnected due to any issue while maintaining the connection like network fluctuations, etc.

Once the connection is broken, the disconnected callback is triggered, the SDK automatically tries to establish the connection again, thus going into the connecting state and triggering the connecting method. Once the attempt to connect is successful, the connected method is triggered thus letting the developer know that the connection is established and is active.

In order to use the Delegate methods you must add protocol conformance CometChatConnectionDelegate as CometChat.conectiondelegate = self . Here is the example of CometChatConnectionDelegate:

extension AppDelegate: CometChatConnectionDelegate {

    func connecting() {
  func connected() {
  func disconnected() {
@interface ViewController ()<CometChatConnectionDelegate>


@implementation ViewController

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];
    [CometChat connectiondelegate:self];

- (void)connecting() {

- (void)connected() {

- (void)disconnected() {



We recommend you to add the Connection Status delegate in your AppDelegate and in your app's first view controller that opens when you log in.

You can also get the current connection status by using getConnectionStatus property provided by CometChat SDK

var connectionStatus = CometChat.getConnectionStatus?.value

The CoimetChat.getConnectionStatus method will return either of the below 3 values:

  1. connecting
  2. connected
  3. disconnected

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