Update a Group

Learn how to update group details.

Update Group

In other words, as a group owner, how can I update the group details?

You can update the existing details of the group using the updateGroup() method.

let GUID = "GUID";
let groupName = "Hello Group!";
let groupType: CometChat.groupType = .public;

let groupTobeUpdated = Group(guid: GUID, name: groupName, groupType: groupType, password: nil)

CometChat.updateGroup(group: groupTobeUpdated, onSuccess: { (group) in

  print("Groups details updated successfully. " + group.stringValue())

}) { (error) in

   print("Group details update failed with error: " + error!.errorDescription);
NSString *guid = @"SUPERGROUP01";
NSString *name = @"TestGroup1";
NSString *password = nil ; // mandatory in case of password protected group type
NSInteger limit = 30;

Group *groupToBeUpdated = [[Group alloc]initWithGuid:guid name:name groupType:groupTypePublic password:password];

[CometChat updateGroupWithGroup:groupToBeUpdated onSuccess:^(Group * group) {
    NSLog(@"Groups details updated successfully. %@",[group stringValue]);
} onError:^(CometChatException * error) {
    NSLog(@"Group details update failed with error: %@",[error errorDescription]);

This method takes an instance of the Group class as a parameter that should contain the data that you wish to update.




an instance of class Group

After a successful update of the group, you will receive an instance of the Group class containing update information of the group.

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