Editing Messages

Learn how to edit a message and receive edit events.

While editing a message is straightforward, receiving events for edited messages with CometChat has two parts:

  1. Adding a listener to receive real-time message edits when your app is running
  2. Calling a method to retrieve missed message edits when your app was not running

Edit a Message

In other words, as a sender, how do I edit a message?

In order to edit a message, you can use the editMessage() method. This method takes an object of the BaseMessage class. At the moment, you are only allowed to edit TextMessage and CustomMessage. Thus, the BaseMessage object must either be a Text or a Custom Message.

let textMessage = TextMessage(receiverUid: receiverID, text: text, receiverType: .user)
textMessage.id = messageID

CometChat.edit(message: textMessage, onSuccess: { (baseMessage) in
   print("Message edited successfully. \(baseMessage)")
}) { (error) in
   print("Message edit failed with error: \(error.errorDescription)")

The object of the edited message will be returned in the onSucess() callback method of the listener. The message object will contain the editedAt fieldset with the timestamp of the time the message was edited. This will help you identify if the message was edited while iterating through the list of messages. The editedBy field is also set to the UID of the user who edited the message.

By default, CometChat allows certain roles to edit a message.

User Role

Conversation Type

Edit Capabilities

Message Sender

One-on-one Conversation

Messages they've sent

Message Sender

Group Conversation

Messages they've sent

Group Owner

Group Conversation

All messages in the group

Group Moderator

Group Conversation

All messages in the group

Real-time Message Edit Events

In order to receive real-time events for the message being edited, you must add protocol conformance CometChatMessageDelegate as Shown Below :

extension ViewController: CometChatMessageDelegate {

        func onMessageEdited(message: BaseMessage) {
        print("received edited message successfully.")

Missed Message Edit Events

In other words, as a recipient, how do I know when someone edited their message when my app was not running?

When you retrieve the list of previous messages, for the message that was edited, the editedAt and the editedBy fields will be set. Also, for example, the total number of messages for a conversation is 100, and the message with message ID 50 was edited. Now the message with id 50 will have the editedAt and the editedBy fields set whenever it is pulled from the history. Also, the 101st message will be and Action message informing you that the message with id 50 has been edited.

For the message edited event, in the Action object received, the following fields can help you get the relevant information-

  1. action - edited
  2. actionOn - Updated message object with the edited details.
  3. actionBy - User object containing the details of the user who has edited the message.
  4. actionFor - User/group object having the details of the receiver to which the message was sent.



In order to edit a message, you need to be either the sender of the message or the admin/moderator of the group in which the message was sent.

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