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UI Kit

I want to integrate UI Kit with my App

  1. UI Unified
  2. UI Screens
  3. UI Components
  4. Customize UI Kit

I want to explore sample apps.

Import the app into Xcode and follow the steps mentioned in the file.

Kindly, click on below button to download our Swift Sample App.

Swift Sample App

View on Github

Or else, you can also checkout our Objective-C Sample App.

Objective-C Sample App

View on Github

The UI Kit has three different ways to make fully customizable UI required to build a chat application. The UI Kit has been developed to help developers of different levels of experience to build a chat application in a few minutes to a couple of hours.

The UI Kit has three different ways to make chat Applications.

UI Unified

UI Unified is a way to launch a fully working chat application using the UI Kit. In UI Unified all the UI Screens and UI Components working together to give the full experience of a chat application with minimal coding effort.

Learn more about UI Unified.

UI Screens

UI screens are view controllers with all the necessary methods and Listeners required to build a chat application.

There are different screens available in UI Kit.

Learn more about UI Screens.

UI Components

UI Components are building a block of the UI-Kit. UI Components are set of custom classes specially designed to build a rich chat app. To achieve high customizability while building an app one can use the UI Components. There are different UI Components available in the
UI Kit library.

Learn more about UI Components.

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UI Kit

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