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Learn how to send and receive automated messages using bots.

Bots are special users, in CometChat, who can send and receive messages autonomously. Users can text bots privately in one-on-one conversations as well as in groups. When a bot receives a message, either in a one-on-one conversation or in a group conversation, CometChat forwards the message to a Callback URL that you specify. Once you receive this message, you can send a reply using our API.

The flow

Create a user

CometChat requires you to connect every bot to a user. This has one major advantage- at any time, you can log in as that bot user and send out personalized replies. So before you create a bot, you must first create a new user.

Create the bot

Once you've created a user, you can create a new bot. The actual implementation of the bot is entirely up to you. You simply need to specify a Callback URL and CometChat will automatically start forwarding all messages that fit the criteria to the URL.

Reply to a message

When you receive a message from CometChat, you can process it and provide a response using our Rest API.

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Learn how to send and receive automated messages using bots.

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