Migration Guide

Learn how to migrate from the topic-based version to the token-based version of the Push Notifications extension.

Why is Migration required?

Change in Implementation

  1. Push Notifications extension was initially implemented using TOPICS.
  2. The Enhanced Push Notification uses the Token-based approach which simplifies the overall process of implementation for a developer and does most of the heavy lifting for you.
  3. This transition involves changes in the front-end code of your app.
  4. Most of the complex code of registering and unregistering to topics has been removed and replaced with one method to register the FCM Token with the extension.

Your app's user base

  1. You may release a new app having the Enhanced Push Notifications implementation. But your user base won't update the app at the same time.
  2. In such a scenario, we give you the flexibility to use both versions of Push Notifications at the same time until all your users are on the latest version of your app.
  3. Once you are confident that all the users of your app are on the latest version, you can use just the token-based push notifications

Two-step Migration process

  1. Login to CometChat Pro dashboard and go to Push Notifications extension settings and under "Version and related settings", set the Extension version to V1 & V2.
  2. Release your app with the new implementation by following the respective platform-specific guides to start using Enhanced Push Notifications in your app:

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