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An in-depth guide on how to configure CometChat.

Get your Application Keys

Signup for CometChat and then:

  1. Create a new app
  2. Head over to the API Keys section and note the Auth Key, App ID & Region

Add the CometChat Dependency

Install the package as NPM module:

npm install @cometchat-pro/[email protected] --save

In order to integrate the CometChat Pro React Native SDK, you need to install two more dependencies

  1. React Native Calls:
npm install @cometchat-pro/react-native-calls
  1. Async-Storage:
npm install @react-native-community/async-storage

Since we are using native modules with our SDK. You will need to perform the following step for Android configuration.

Goto ./android folder and open project level build.gradle file. And all repository URL in the repositories block under the allprojects section.

allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url ""

Also in the same file in buildscript section in ext block make sure you have set minSdkVersion to 21

buildscript {
    ext {
        buildToolsVersion = "29.0.2"
        minSdkVersion = 21
        compileSdkVersion = 29
        targetSdkVersion = 29

Then start using CometChat

import { CometChat } from "@cometchat-pro/react-native-chat";

Initialize CometChat

The init() method initializes the settings required for CometChat.

The init() method takes the below parameters:

  1. APP_ID - You CometChat App ID
  2. appSettings - An object of the AppSettings class can be created using the AppSettingsBuilder class. The region field is mandatory and can be set using the setRegion() method.

The AppSettings class allows you to configure two settings:
a. Region of the App: The Region code for the app. (For example, eu for Europe)
b. Presence Subscription.

You need to call init() before calling any other method from CometChat.

var appId = "APP_ID";
let cometChatSettings = new CometChat.AppSettingsBuilder().subscribePresenceForAllUsers().setRegion('us').build();
CometChat.init(appId, cometChatSettings)
    () => {
      console.log("Initialization completed successfully");
      //You can now call login function.
    error => {
      console.log("Initialization failed with error:", error);
      //Check the reason for error and take apppropriate action.




CometChat App ID


An object of the AppSettings class.

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An in-depth guide on how to configure CometChat.

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