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UI Kit (React)

I want to integrate UI Kit with my Application

  1. UI Unified
  2. UI Screens
  3. UI Components

I want to explore the sample app

Import the library and follow the steps mentioned in the file.

Download sample app

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The UI Kit library is built keeping the developers in mind and aims to considerably reduce the development efforts required to add the chat feature in your website/application.

The UI Kit provides 3 options to seamlessly add chat to your application:

  • UI Unified
  • UI Screens
  • UI Components

UI Unified

UI Unified is an option to launch a fully functional chat application using the UI Kit. In UI Unified all the UI Screens and UI Components are interlinked and work together to launch a fully functional chat on your website/application.

UI Screens

UI Screens are individual screen components provided by the UI Kit which can be used separately just to achieve specific requirements and use cases. The following are the various screens provided by the UI Kit:

  • CometChatUserListScreen - Using this screen, you can display a list of users available to chat within a paginated manner.
  • CometChatGroupListScreen - Using this screen, you can display a list of groups available in a paginated manner.
  • CometChatConversationListScreen - Using this screen, you can display a list of recent conversations in a paginated manner.
  • MessageListScreen - This screen helps you display a fully functional chat interface.

UI Components

UI Components are building blocks of the UI Kit. UI Components are a set of custom classes specially designed to build a rich chat app. There are different UI Components available in the
UI Kit Library.

  • Avatar
  • BadgeCount
  • CometChatUserList
  • CometChatGroupList
  • CometChatConversationList

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UI Kit (React)

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