Transient Messages

Learn how to send transient messages

Transient messages are messages that are sent in real-time only and are not saved or tracked anywhere. The receiver of the message will only receive the message if he is online and these messages cannot be retrieved later.

Send a Transient Message

You can use the sendTransientMessage() method to send a transient message to a user or in a group. The receiver will receive this information in the onTransientMessageReceived() method of the MessageListener class. In order to send the transient message, you need to use the TransientMessage class.

let receiverId = "superhero2";
let data = ["LIVE_REACTION","heart"]
let transientMessage = TransientMessage(receiverID: receiverId, receiverType: .user, data: data)
CometChat.sendTransientMessage(message: transientMessage)

Real-time Transient Messages

In other words, as a recipient, how do I know when someone sends a transient message?

In order to receive incoming transient messages, you must add protocol conformance CometChatMessageDelegate as Shown Below :

extension ViewController: CometChatMessageDelegate {
  public func onTransisentMessageReceived(_ message: TransientMessage) {
        print("TransientMessage received successfully: " + message.stringValue())

The TransientMessage class consists of the below parameters:




An object of the User class holding all the information. related to the sender of the transient message.


Unique Id of the receiver. This can be the Id of the group or the user the transient message is sent to.


This parameter indicates if the transient message is to be sent to a user or a group. The possible values are:

  1. .user


A Dictionary to provide data.

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