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What are Extensions?

Learn what extensions are and how you can use them.

We believe that building a great chat product does not consist of just voice, video and text chat. It's much more than that. And Extensions are our answer to this.

Extensions pickup where our core leaves. They help extend the functionality of CometChat.


Extensions which help alert users of new messages.
Recommended for all apps.

Push Notification
Email Notification
SMS Notification

User Experience

Extensions which help improve the user messaging experience.
Recommended for most apps.

Thumbnail Generation
Link Preview
Rich Media Preview
Voice Transcription

User Engagement

Extensions which help increase user engagement.
Recommended for advanced apps.

Smart Reply
Message Translation
Chat Widget
Video Broadcasting
Collaborative Whiteboard


Extensions which help you to build a safe messaging environment.
Recommended for live streaming and event apps.

Data Masking Filter
Profanity Filter
Image Moderation
Sentiment Analysis
In-flight Message Moderation
Virus and Malware Scanner
XSS Filter

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What are Extensions?

Learn what extensions are and how you can use them.

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