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Sentiment Analysis

Learn how to understand the sentiment of a message.

The Sentiment Analysis extension helps you to understand the sentiment of a message. A message can be classified into 4 categories- positive, neutral, negative and mixed. Along with these categories, we specify the confidence for that category, on a scale of 0 to 100.

"@injected": {
  "extensions": {
    "sentiment-analysis": {
      "sentiment": "positive",
      "sentiment_score": {
        "positive": 95,
        "neutral": 4,
        "negative": 0,
        "mixed": 0

Using this information, you can show either a warning or drop the message completely. Here is how Twitter shows a message:

At the recipients' end, from the message object, you can fetch the metadata by calling the getMetadata() method. Using this metadata, you can fetch the sentiment of the message.

var metadata : [String : Any]? = message.metaData
if metadata != nil {

  var injectedObject : [String : Any]? = (metadata?["@injected"] as? [String : Any])!
  if injectedObject != nil && (injectedObject!["extensions"] != nil){

    var extensionsObject : [String : Any]? = injectedObject?["extensions"] as? [String : Any]
    if extensionsObject != nil && extensionsObject?["sentiment-analysis"] != nil 		 {

      var sentimentAnalysisObject = extensionsObject?["sentiment-analysis"] as! [String :  Any]
        let sentiment = sentimentAnalysisObject["sentiment"] as! String

        if sentimentAnalysisObject["sentiment_score"] {
          let positive = imageModerationObject["positive"] as! Int
          let neutral = imageModerationObject["neutral"] as! Int
          let negative = imageModerationObject["negative"] as! Int
          let mixed = imageModerationObject["mixed"] as! Int
 if (metadata != null) {
     if (metadata.has("@injected")) {
      val injectedJSONObject = metadata.getJSONObject("@injected")
      if (injectedJSONObject != null && injectedJSONObject.has("extensions")) {
      val extensionsObject = injectedJSONObject.getJSONObject("extensions")
      if (extensionsObject.has("sentiment-analysis")) {

      val sentimentObject = extensionsObject.getJSONObject("sentiment-analysis")
      val sentiment= sentimentObject.getString("sentiment")
      if (sentimentObject.has("sentiment_score")) {
      if (sentimentObject.has("positive"))
        val positive=sentimentObject.getInt("positive")
      if (sentimentObject.has("neutral"))
       val neutral= sentimentObject.getInt("neutral")
      if (sentimentObject.has("negative"))
       val negative= sentimentObject.getInt("negative")
      if (sentimentObject.has("mixed"))
        val mixed= sentimentObject.getInt("mixed")

Sentiment Analysis

Learn how to understand the sentiment of a message.

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